Research Abstract

For those still following my work, I have finalized my thesis topic and my research abstract for the project I intend to work on in Portugal when I return!

Here is is:


This study aims to examine the effects of adopting the euro and undergoing the euro zone crisis on Portugal’s identity in a national and supranational context. Identity, for the purpose of this study, is comprised of how members of a state identify with or support their national political regime along with the supranational political regime they belong to. Identity also includes how connected members of a state feel to one another within their state and states part of the larger, supranational political regime. The study measures the impact the crisis has on the balance of how Portuguese citizens identify themselves – at the supranational or national level. It measures the impact through the following variables: (a) pride in being Portuguese, (b) pride in being European, (c) satisfaction with national political regime, (d) satisfaction with EU membership or larger European political regime. Finally, it draws its roots from the work of Michael Baum and Miguel Glatzer in their piece “Incomplete Modernity or Typically Modern? Portuguese National Identity in an Era of Rapid Transition” for their overview of Portuguese national identity in four distinctive periods – the late nineteenth century, the First Republic, the Salazar dictatorship, and the current democratic regime. The historical overview of how Portuguese identity evolved before the period of the study sets the precedent for the subsequent study and allows the impact of the euro crisis to be examined within a broader context of time.

My contact information can be found on this blog. Any resources or ideas that can be contributed are appreciated! Or if you would like to see my LinkedIn and keep up with my work, click here:


Thought I would also share a nice article I read about Lisbon: Enjoy!


Beijos e abraços, meus amigos. kissy


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