Summer 2013

So I am INCREDIBLY excited for my upcoming summer adventure! I am taking my research project on colonial missionary education to Portugal! I will be a researcher at the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão working with a professor who wrote one of the books I used for my project! Ahhhh! Can you imagine anything more magnificent?

In the meantime, here is a snapshot of my first conference presentation of my research:


Get excited because this summer I am bringing this blog back and making it better than ever! I plan on traveling to more places, trying new foods and updating you on the political climate of Portugal as it continues to struggle with the economic crisis. Furthermore, I plan on attending a whole BUNCH of music festivals and I will have some pretty cool stories to share from those.

(Side note: I forgot to put this in last summer’s blogs, but I got to see Martin Solveig and AVICII in concert at the Nova Era Beach Party! It was super fun and crazy… I almost got squished to death trying to get on the bus back home, I stood & danced for 12 STRAIGHT HOURS and was about 300 feet away from the performers! Woo! Here is a picture ☟)

Blog pic 1

(Second side note: If you have never done a study abroad before, you should definitely visit PORTUGAL with UMass Dartmouth! Their summer program is AMAZING and very cost effective! I had the best time of my life last summer [check out my previous blogs] and you can too! It is too late to apply for this summer, but you should check it out for the future!)

(Third and final side note: I am currently heading a project/campaign to bring more youths to Portugal! If you are a young Portuguese-American or a person of Portuguese descent living in the U.S., check out some of the great organizations we have in the U.S. (PALCUS, NOPA, etc.) that are looking to help increase interest in returning to Portugal and that provide a lot of great tools for young folks! For any questions about anything on this blog or opportunities you may benefit from, email me at

See ya’ll real soon!

Beijos e abraços, meus amigos. kissy


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