About ℳℯ ✍

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

~ Maya Angelou


Ola! Welcome to my life. My name is Marielena Dias, I am of Portuguese and South American descent, and two years ago, I chose to study abroad in Lisbon, Portugal for a summer term (2012). Then the following summer (2013), I returned to be a researcher at ISEG in Lisbon and I fell in love with this beautiful country all over again!

I love new languages, photography, volunteering, writing poetry, history, new cultures, quotes, working out, dance and reading. I graduated from the University of Florida with my BA in fall 2013. My major is in Political Science and I am minoring in two things- European Union Studies and International Development and Humanitarian Assistance. My main passion is research (my research interests include Portuguese identity in Europe, Portuguese colonialism, European identity and politics, and identity formation and politics), and it was through research that I began returning to Portugal in the summers during college.

I was born and raised near St. Augustine, Florida, but I plan on living in Portugal in the near future. I am passionate about international education development, working with students, and the development of the Lusophone community worldwide. I have been working on a self-designed project to bring more Luso-American students to Portugal. I recently have discovered how much I love traditional Portuguese fado (ballads)- especially those by Amalia Rodrigues- and so singing them have become my new hobby. I am passionate about experiencing as many things in life as possible. I have visited a handful of countries, met new friends, and I can’t wait for all the other exciting adventures my life will bring. I would like to get a Master’s and Doctorate degree in Development and ultimately, I would like to become a professor researching Lusophone topics and working with Lusophone students in an effort to attract them to fulfilling academic pursuits in Portugal.

I love hearing stories and sharing mine! We all have such incredible lives and you really never know who you will meet, even on a 10 minute metro ride or walking home from classes! I don’t know where I am destined to someday end up, but I do like to live by this philosophy…

For now, my heart is in this dreamy city and country I get to spend a few months in every year! I hope that you will enjoy this blog and that you end up feeling like you were right there with me, in the middle of all the fun and excitement.

Beijo, ♥ kissy


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